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The MidSask Municipal Alliance (MSMA) is a group of thirteen municipalities working together to maximize the economic impact of the mining industry. They are future focussed in their intent to establish a long term vision and direction for the region.  The MSMA is also finding ways to help their member municipalities address some of the challenges that they face, embracing them as a group rather than trying to deal with those issues individually.

Tom Bergen, farmer and Councillor for the Rural Municipality of Prairie Rose, is a Director sitting on the MSMA governance team. Tom points out that “each of the municipalities involved in the MSMA have looked outside of their own small little area and recognized that the region itself is kind of like a big community. We want to continue to attract families and new business into the district as a whole”.

Affinity Credit Union has a strong regional presence in the MSMA. Fred Khonje, Affinity Credit Union Community Advisor says “the regional partnership is a great idea from a strategic point of view and supports attracting outside investors to the region.  The MSMA illustrates that they are collaborative and willing to do things differently. They are illustrating to outside interests that our region has resources that can be maximized and leveraged.”  

The MSMA is aimed at attracting investment by marketing the competitive advantages of the entire region.  Four strategic growth sectors have been identified: mining; manufacturing; value added agriculture and tourism.  Expanding the region’s position as a commercial and service hub is also a short term goal of the organization.

Leadership is really the key when it comes to establishing an organization at this level. The cooperation of these thirteen municipalities has enabled them to accomplish goals which they would not have been able to achieve individually.

The MSMA presents a united front to industry across the country – and beyond – who are seeking to establish new ventures. Their new regional investment attraction website is now live and these Saskatchewan ChangeMAKERS are open for business!