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Ile A La Crosse

Île à la Crosse is a historic Métis community, hunting fishing and trapping have always been important. Making a decision to invest in the fish processing plant at Île à la Crosse was huge step for us.

There is nothing better than getting the fish right from the lake directly to the plant to be processed – flash frozen and taken to Saskatoon or Edmonton and flown to Japan.  When we process our fish in our plant here, we are hoping that we will be able to export this fish virtually anywhere in the world.

We are hoping to get a stamp that says ‘this fish was caught in Île à la Crosse Lake’.  People will know that Île à la Crosse fisherman are sustainable. When somebody buys our fish in New York, they know they are getting a product that is fresh.

Île à la Crosse has always had visionary leaders. The decisions we make now are going to be extremely important to our future health and wellness, and job creation – for future generations. Planning ahead is extremely important. We need to be able to look far enough ahead so that the decisions we make now will benefit future generations.

It’s beautiful here, the water is clean, and the air is clean. We have a lot of pride in our community and we have a lot of pride in ourselves as people and our history. We have really friendly people here and we welcome the world to Île à la Crosse.

Mayor Duane Favel and Peter Durocher, Vice President Île à la Crosse Fish Company.