This Changemaker Community is Entrepreneur Friendly

What we are is we are a weekly newspaper, we offer local content and local features, we try and make it local, make it a community newspaper that people can enjoy. We are always trying to be innovative and it is something we can do in Watrous. As an example, we have an online version of our newspaper, we are involved with social media and also we do some things old school – so we have different techniques that we use to put the paper together.

We are investing in this community and we want to see it continue to grow as well. There are a lot of younger families like ours who are living in Watrous which is awesome to see – it means positive things for the community moving forward.

We really love being in Watrous. Watrous has always been and will continue to be home for me and my family. We love raising our kids here and yeah, you can be innovative in a small community like Watrous, it’s no different than being in a bigger centre. It is the way the world is going and it’s something that we are more than happy to do. The support in Watrous and in the area has been tremendous for the newspaper and for other businesses, the people have really supported us in the community and I can’t say thanks enough.

Daniel Bushman, Publisher, Watrous Manitou Newspaper