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Town of Leask

The Village of Leask is Investing in their own Future

In 2015, the Home Hardware store, owned by an individual in town, approached the Village Council as he was ready to retire. That came as quite a shock to local community leaders as the hardware store had been in the community for as long as they could remember.

Leask Village Council decided they didn’t want to lose any businesses from the community so they mobilized, found a franchise and opened the Ace store.  The village decided to do it on their own, a huge decision which turned out very well. Not only is a valuable service being provided locally and regionally, economically – it has driven other community initiatives.

Every business in a small community is important.  The Village of Leask has demonstrated that it is critical to be looking down the road when making decisions that will impact the community for years to come.  These decisions are not short term. The goal is to try and think ahead, not just one year, but five years, ten years and see what the options are.

In Leask, local Council tends to look at what is needed in the community and then step forward and take the lead in meeting the demand. It shows a true community spirit as well as leadership and because of that, Leask will remain alive and growing for many years to come.

Gordon Harris, Deputy Mayor and Kathleen Montgomery, Manager Pro Hardware.