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We don’t want our town to be left behind. Further investment in Tisdale today is going to mean a stable and growing community going forward.  However,it is important to be realistic and authentic about what the community can provide. You want to maintain and grow your population and to do that you obviously need to attract businesses and maintain the existing businesses already in the community.

In Tisdale we are fortunate to have a Council of local businesspeople who are committed to moving Tisdale forward. Our overarching economic strategy is to get more services in town. One of the things we have noticed is that when communities start to decline, they tend to lose their services first.

We feel that by showing the people in our community that we’re excited about we are doing and how much we care about Tisdale and its future, they will start to jump on the bandwagon and be a vital part of our economic development efforts.

We recommend being persistent in your goals– whatever they might be – as well as being accessible – this is the essence of strong leadership.  Taking the position that economic development is going to be important for your community – that it is a priority for the benefit of our local citizens – this is essential.