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Village of Abbey

After the unfortunate closure of the Village of Abbey’s School in 2013, the building was turned over to the local municipality by the School Division. Residents and Council decided to explore the feasibility of maintaining the building and transforming it into the ABC Centre – hub for businesses and community organizations.

There was a lot of uncertainty as to whether a community of 130 residents could maintain a building of such as large size, however, the residents rallied and the building has transformed into much more than anyone could have imagined. Currently the Abbey Business and Community Centre houses the Hall/Gym, Coffee Room, Economic Development Officer’s office, Meeting Room, Snooker and Games Room, Community Thrift Store, Fitness Centre, Kitchen, Community Library, Youth Room and Salon and Massage Therapist Space.

Thanks to rent, memberships, fundraising and sponsorship, the building is completely financially sufficient and in the last year alone, enough money has been fundraised to replace the entire heating system and roof. The ABC Centre has become a hub of the community and is used by everyone from young to old.

The Village of Abbey has not given up in the face of adversity. Instead, they have adapted and evolved to change their focus from what they don’t have that they once did to their current assets and potential. Without the creation of the ABC Centre, the economic development officer position would not have been created.

Young people are now moving home to raise their families and start businesses and the future looks optimistic for this little town that is “#1 in the phone book… and in the hearts of local residents.”