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Economic Development Online is your 24/7 resource for best practices and self-directed learning. It is designed for people who currently work in community and economic development as well as those who plan to work or volunteer in this field.

Acquire the resources and practical tools to meet today’s challenges as community leaders, development professionals, and governmental and non-governmental organizations .Four Information Gateways are available with access to best practices, templates, and self-study modules.

Access to Economic Development Online is available to members of the Saskatchewan Economic Development Alliance ( SEDA) and Economic Developers Council of Ontario (EDCO).


The Economics of Collaboration

Collaboration, as a concept, comes in many different forms and degrees of significance. As such, true collaboration between individuals or organizations is a difficult concept to both identify and understand.

David Beurle’s paper on the Economics of Collaboration helps illuminate how these concepts are defined in the modern economic environment.

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