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COVEY Leadership Program February 1, 2022


Speed of Trust: Foundations

With the sponsorship of Community Futures Meridian Region, we are excited to offer this important program from the Franklin Covey Institute. 
Trust is the new currency in today’s connected collaborative world. Contrary to what most people think – creating trust is a learnable skill. In this Speed of Trust virtual work session, participants will become competent in using the framework, language and behaviors that lead to high-trust teams and partnerships.
As a result of this session, participants will be able to:
CASE FOR TRUST: Build their own case for trust by identifying the impact of ‘Trust Taxes’ and ‘Trust Dividends” on their current work projects.
SELF TRUST: Model through character and competence and take responsibility for increasing their own personal credibility.
RELATIONSHIP TRUST:  Replace counterfeit behaviors with the 13 Behaviors of High Trust to develop, restore, and extend trust in key relationships.
Arguably, there is no more important skill for community leaders today than TRUST.  This program is ideal for municipal and First Nations leaders and staff.
 February 1, 2022 8:30 am to 4:00 pm CST livestream
 Participants will receive a digital manual and digital set of ‘Speed of Trust’ Action Cards


Session Facilitator Bryan Kroff

Bryan Kroff joined FranklinCovey in 1994. He loves the engagement and interaction with participants, especially as they see ways they can improve. In open enrollment situations, his classes fill up quickly as participants encourage others to sign up. One client described his class as “the most popular by far.” His strength is with those in the trenches who are doing the actual work, as well as their supervisors and managers. Bryan received his bachelor’s in Education from Brigham Young University. He taught middle school for three years and spent eleven years in retail as a manager of customer service. Along the way, he has owned or been a partner in three successful businesses. 


Covey Leadership Program