Community Fund Development


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In response to the need for increased diversity in fundraising, SEDA has developed a program designed for community-based organizations, municipal leaders, and staff.

Community Fund Development provides a recommended 7 Step Approach Plan to fundraising that can be developed to support project based or ongoing needs of the community.  This program reflects fund development trends in 2020 and beyond, with a broad strategic approach to securing support.

Offered via classroom or online delivery, participants will be provided with worksheets and templates to develop their own fund development plan.

There are an estimated 180,000 registered non-profit organizations and charities in Canada.

In addition, each province and territory has hundreds of municipal entities with charitable status as well as a number of First Nations and Tribal Councils who have applied for and been approved for charitable donations.

How do we cut through the clutter in this uber competitive marketplace? SEDA strongly recommends planning in all areas of community and economic development and fundraising is no different. A fund development plan provides a road map identifying specific steps to raise funds for your organization, program or service.

We cannot provide you with a “silver bullet” to a successful proposal or fundraising campaign. However, we can provide a recommended diversified methodology and a framework to assist your organization in being effective and accountable in your own stakeholders.

Program Overview:

  • Lesson 1 Introduction to Community Fund Development
  • Lesson 2 Creating a Fund Development Plan Steps 1 to 4
  • Lesson 3 Creating a Fund Development Plan Steps 5 to 7
  • Lesson 4 Institutional Funders
  • Lesson 5 Individual Donors
  • Lesson 6 Long Term Revenue Generation
  • Lesson 7 Public Relations

Contact the SEDA office at 306-384-5817 for further information.