community coaching


SEDA offers a second tier of support to member organizations and communities in Saskatchewan. Fee based consulting and management services are available on an hourly or project basis. These include:

Virtual Economic Development Services

We can assist you to backfill vacant positions and/or to provide permanent part-time professional support.

Project Management

Management for ongoing community economic development services and special events, with outsourcing to specialized contractors as required.

Community Assessments

For rural communities looking for a shorter path to identifying and responding to economic growth opportunities, SEDA offers a Community Economic Development Assessment. Following a preliminary review of existing plans and socio-economic data, we will visit the community and meet with a local work group to identify assets, complete a SWOT analysis, tour the area, and conduct stakeholder interviews. Following the visit, we will prepare findings and recommendations to spark short-term economic development successes. Such successes may inspire a community to begin a more comprehensive strategic planning process, help it prioritize local public investment decisions, or generate new project ideas and initiatives.

Strategic or Community Economic Development Planning

Our strategic planning model is tailored to assisting communities to focus their economic development efforts over a three to five year period. 

Implementation Services

SEDA can assist communities to move from economic development planning to action. Our team of affiliated professionals will work with communities on plans and projects to implement their strategies. Implementation services include working with groups to identify the tasks, people, resources, and time needed to carry out projects. Depending on the project, communities may also engage our team to assist with specific implementation tasks.

Coaching & Mentoring

Ongoing coaching and management of community economic development staff is another service SEDA can provide to communities in Saskatchewan. Working with staff and leadership to develop annual work plans and supporting staff to fulfill short and long term goals will support accountability to local ratepayers.

Training & Education

SEDA is available for presentations, conduct workshops, and assist with other educational events to share economic development ideas, tools, and best practices being implemented by in the province and Canada.