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Saskatchewan has a new resource to support shopping local and establish communities and businesses as destinations!​

SEDA is providing a platform that allows you to create your own, Branded App for your community or organization – one that rewards users for shopping and visiting local or regional businesses and attractions.

The Sask Insider App is available as a result of a licensing agreement between SEDA and 468 Communications, the platform provider for this technology.  Communities and organizations in other jurisdictions have successfully used the app for Shop Local, Walking Tours, Destination Marketing; Agritourism and even – Ale Trails!  Check out some of the examples here.

Licensees can easily customize the look and feel, locations and content in their own branded apps, which can be managed and updated via an easy-to-use online control panel. Visual, downloadable reports provide valuable data – showing individual location popularity, periods of peak activity, and what part of the world users are from.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for license.
  2. Create your own app for your community. 
  3. Customize the app. Use your own branding and populate it with information on your local businesses, attractions and events. Once you sign on to use the app, you can easily manage the information. 
  4. Reward exploration! There is a rewards program where the user gets points for visiting places in your community.  You can identify rewards locations where users can redeem their points when they make purchases. This helps drive traffic and sales for local businesses.
  5. There are also analytics built in so you can see where your visitors are from and the paces they visit. This kind of data is rarely available from other sources.

To support shop local initiatives and tourism, this platform from 468 Communications allows communities and organizations to maintain their own branded mobile apps, and reward users for visiting places in the community.  This opportunity is available to all Saskatchewan residents – you don’t need to be an SEDA member to acquire this APP. 

Want to learn more on how communities are using the app? Click here.

For pricing information click here.

Or to get the app now, contact 468 Communications directly at tim@468communications.com.