SEDA is proud to offer the P2P MENTORSHIP PROGRAM in partnership with the British Columbia Economic Development Association (BCEDA).

Together, we aim to connect experienced economic developers with new professionals around the Saskatchewan.

Much of economic development is learned on-the-job. Many economic development offices are small, sometimes a one-person shop, so learning from co-workers may not be an option.  A P2P mentor can provide support while you learn on-the-job and guidance to get through challenging situations

The P2P Program also provides an option for experienced economic developers to use the program to help identify new methods, overcome specific challenges or simply exchange ideas for new initiatives. 

The mentor-mentee relationship can be casual on demand – or more formal with specific goals . The mentor and mentee decide the scope of the relationship,. Mentoring can be done through online coaching, virtual meeting technology, teleconference, and in person.

Matchmaking is done based on questionnaires filled out by mentors and mentees.

This program is available to SEDA Members.

Expectations of a MentorApply to become a Mentor HERE.

Expectations of a Mentee. Apply to become a Mentee HERE.

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