SEDA Community Capacity Coaches are available to assist communities and organizations in acquiring action planning skills.

SEDA advocates use of the Strategic Doing Approach to action planning

What is Strategic Doing?

Unlike strategic planning that was designed primarily to guide strategic activity in hierarchical organizations, Strategic Doing is designed for situations in which nobody can tell anybody else what to do. Collaboration is the only way to move forward.

How does Strategic Doing work?

Strategic Doing works by teaching simple, but not easy, skills of strategic collaboration. The skills are simple to understand, but they take practice to master. We teach the skills primarily through three to four hour strategy workshops.

strategic doing

For organizations, communities and regions that do not have a strategic plan, Strategic Doing can generate an initial plan in a matter of hours with an intensively focused and custom workshop. The process quickly forms new collaborations among workshop participants and moves them into learning by doing.

As these collaborations form and participants learn from each other, Strategic Doing advances quickly. Short, focused strategy reviews take place regularly, usually every 30 days. With Strategic Doing, strategy becomes more like software development. New versions of the strategy appear frequently as participants learn what works.

What if we already have a strategic plan? Can Strategic Doing help us?

For organizations, communities and regions that are stuck with their strategic plan, Strategic Doing provides an agile process to accelerate implementation. By producing rapid-fire strategic action plans, Strategic Doing moves existing strategic plans to new levels of performance.

Where to Start?

Since all of our Strategic Doing work is customized to meet your needs, it starts with a telephone call to discuss your situation and identify some concrete outcomes that could help you.